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Genuine HP 230W 19.5V Smart Notebook AC Power Adapter 608432-003 609946-001


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Genuine HP 230W 19.5V 3-Prong Smart AC Power Adapter 608432-003 609946-001

This HP 608432-003 Smart AC Adapter is specially designed for your HP Pavilion notebooks. Our lightweight easy-to-carry HP 608432-003 Smart power supply will enable you to simultaneously operate your HP notebook and charge its battery from electrical wall power outlets. The power adapter can also be used as a spare HP battery charger allowing you to have a power connection at home and at the office without having to carry it with you. Every HP 608432-003 Smart power brick (power cord included) from us is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and is fully compatible with your HP laptop.

  • 100% OEM compatible with HP 608432-003 laptop smart power adapter, Provides your laptop with consistent and continuous save power at the specified Voltage
  • Have power when you need it anytime with this additional HP 608432-003 Smart AC adapter and prevent battery from over-charge.
  • Keep your laptop computer powered with a HP 608432-003 Smart charger

Input Voltage Range: AC 100V - 240V 
Output Voltage: DC 19.5V 
Output Current: 11.8A
Power Output: 230W

Compatible Model Numbers: HSTNN-DA12, HSTNN-LA12

Compatible Part Numbers: 608432-003, 609946-001, 677765-001, 693714-001


600, 610


2510p, 2710p, 6530b, 6720t, 6730b, 6735b, 6730s, 6735s, 6830s, 6910p, 8510p, 8510w, 8710p, 8710w, nc6400


2530p, 2730p, 6930p, 8530p, 8530w, 8540p, 8540w, 8730w, 8740w

Pavilion Models:

  dv7-4001tx, dv7-4002tx, dv7-4003tx, dv7-4003xx, dv7-4004tx, dv7-4007tx, dv7-4008tx, dv7-4009tx, dv7-4010sg, dv7-4010sl, dv7-4010tx, dv7-4011el, dv7-4012tx, dv7-4013el, dv7-4013tx, dv7-4015sl, dv7-4020tx, dv7-4040sf, dv7-4040sp, dv7-4040ss, dv7-4050er, dv7-4050ez, dv7-4051sg, dv7-4052sg, dv7-4054ca, dv7-4055sg, dv7-4060si, dv7-4060us, dv7-4061nr, dv7-4065dx, dv7-4070ez, dv7-4070us, dv7-4071nr, dv7-4074ca, dv7-4080us, dv7-4087cl, dv7-4021tx, dv7-4022tx, dv7-4051nr, dv7-4053cl, dv7-4069wm, dv7-4073nr, dv7-4077cl, dv7-4083cl, DV7-4024TX, DV7-4025TX, DV7-4028TX, DV7-4038TX, DV7-4039TX, DV7-4040TX, dv7-4038ca, DV7-4000, DV7-4008CA, DV7-4038CL, DV7-4057CA, DV7-4058CA, DV7-4063CA, DV7-4072NR, DV7-4073CA, DV7-4078CA, DV7-4090CA

ProBook Series:

4310s, 4320s, 4510s, 4515s, 4520s, 4525s, 4710s, 4720s, 4730s, 4740S, 5310m, 6445b, 6440b, 6450b, 6455b, 6460b, 6465b, 6470b, 6475b, 6545b, 6540b

Thin Client:


This HP AC Adapter is completely tested by a HP Partner. 100% working condition. 30 Day DOA Warranty.

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